Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here We Go!

All right, so here I go on my very first post... I've been thinking about starting a blog to document in a way my adventure into being a mom. And I've been really needing a way to keep everyone up to date without writing a MILLION different emails to everybody. Pretty much this blog is going to be about all the new experiences I'm going through, all the expectations, the updates, the thoughts of the day, the frustrations and everything that goes with a first time mommy and her newborn baby!

For those of you just dropping in and dont really know much about me, my name is Courtney Jonnae (last name we'll just leave out of it). I am 20 years old, I'll be 21 this fall, and I am happily married to one of the goofiest guys you could ever come across. We are expecting a baby girl this August, her name is Karli Ryan, or at least we are 75% sure it's a girl, she didn't cooperate during the ultrasound crossing her beautiful little ankles, clamping her knees and covering the goods with her hands, but we did not see a scrotum so we're going with the assumption of girl. I got a little sick of calling the baby it, and wanted either a He or a She to label.
I wont lie, this pregnancy was unplanned, I would never say accident because I dont think of her that way. The timing was just a bit off, but we love our baby girl more than anything and nothing makes us happier than knowing she's on her way to joining our new family!

We live in Alaska, a great state if you ask me, and still a great state if you dont. We've got all the things you could ever want for raising a family, outdoors activities year round: great hunting, fishing, hiking, off-roading, four-wheeling, snowmachining, snowboarding, and all the other good stuff. We also live in a great smaller sized community that is really starting to grow. We are surrounded by family and friends and it's all more than anyone could ever hope to give their kids.

Right now I am 33 weeks along in my first (so far) successful pregnancy. Karli is a kicker, sometimes she kicks so hard I get the wind knocked out of me, or I jump because it is so intense... I was told it was supposed to slow down as she grows and space becomes more limited, but I'm beginning to think that the doctor is full of it on that one... because they just keep getting stronger and more often and I will admit readily that I tend to become a bit hormonally grouchy.
That's another great thing, my husband Ryan puts up with my mood swings and all the crap I've been throwing at him the last 7 months so well! I never would have been able to put up with HALF the junk I've put him through, but he takes it all in stride and remains the most amazing, patient and loving person... God I know how to pick em'!

We just got done unpacking half the boxes of baby clothes in preparation for her arrival. I took over 3 of our dresser drawers for her 0-3 months clothing, and still am only halfway through sorting the clothing... I am going to have SOO much fun dressing her up! We have more baby blankets than I know what to do with, it seems everyone I know, knows how to knit and decided to make a baby blanket for her, which I totally appreciate, it's so very kind and thoughtful, I know there wont be an issue of "Honey! We're out of clean blankets!!" (and bonus! We just moved into a place that actually has a washer and dryer!)

Well I think that about sums it up for today!