Monday, October 6, 2008

A quick update!

Okay, a lot has happened in the last month! Karli is growing so quickly and I just wish I could put her on pause! It seems like every day she does something new, or for the first time and I just want to call everyone and tell them all about it but before I even reach for the phone she does something else, I just can't keep up with her.

We left Alaska on the first of September, and spent 10 days in Wisconsin, and then another 10 days in Michigan. I met Ryan's family and fell in love with his cousin Angie - she is AMAZING with kids and I would love to convince her to move to Alaska to be our exclusive babysitter!! I also got to know his grandma and her husband. We went to a Greenbay Packers game which was an interesting experience as well my first drink (legal that is, come on... grew up in a fishing village!) following my 21st birthday. From there we went on to introduce Ryan and Karli to my family where Ryan spent time on two seperate family farms, got to know my favorite cousins, and Karli was beyond spoiled by attention and gifts.

I had been so nervous about travelling with Karli, but it turned out all of my fears were unrealized! She slept on every flight with the exception of one, and on that particular flight we were seated next the the father of toddler twin girls, so he was not only tolerant of her fussing but almost oblivious to it.

She is now about 11 pounds and grew an inch and a quarter. She laughs, has rolled from her tummy to her back already (I cried!), she is already showing that little bit of redheaded attitude, and she becomes more vocal and interactive every day. Her laugh is contagious and at the same time gets me all emotional and teary, she is definitely a daddy's girl at times and then at other times nobody but mommy will do! It's amazing how little time I have for anything but her! No complaints really! But at the same time I guess I was pretty naive thinking I would have time to do laundry and dishes at least but there are some days I get worn out just thinking about doing any chores... the house is in total disarray and although I've always been such a neat freak (really messes and disorganization stress me out and I become prone to depression- also bipolar) the mess really doesnt freak me out as much as I thought it might. I realize just how worth it it is just to spend time with my baby girl instead of running around trying to keep house!

Well, I managed to get that much down, it took a few tries, but now it's back to my giggling bouncing baby girl who believe it or not will be three months old two weeks from today!