Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Waiting Game

All right! So I am now 38 weeks along and trying to scheme on how to get this kiddo to pop out just a bit sooner. A week ago at my last doctor's appointment I was told I was a centimeter dilated and half-way effaced and that I could expect her anywhere from one to two weeks from then. Then later that night I lost my mucus-plug... and dont ask me why, but I somehow had a picture in my head previously that it would be some nice neat little cork like thing, but it definitely was not that! It was pretty disgusting! I was told to notify the doctor's office if this happened so I gave them a call and the nurse said that that meant I was closer and could expect our baby girl a little bit sooner! Well that got me all excited! No more of this preggo junk! YAY FOR ME!!! I just can't wait to get to know the little person that has been living and growing within all these months! But guess what... a week later I am still pregnant, still getting up to pee ever hour and a half during the night, still feeling like a total whale while all of my non-pregnant friends on diets and in swimwear go wakeboarding and jet-skiing, hiking and four-wheeling... Then a couple nights ago I started getting regular contractions, about 45 minutes apart, and not painful just extremely uncomfortable. They were ruled to not be braxton hicks (strange name if you ask me), but in fact extremely early labor contractions... but they have not gotten closer together at all and because my water hasn't broken I just get to sit home and wait, and wait, and wait... I am soo over this... Can I please just have my baby, start the first time mommy experience?
All right, enough complaining... I would really just like to get this part over with. I am anxious to meet my baby! I already have everything ready for her to come home! Crib is together, bassinet is ready, carseat installed, diaper bags packed and ready to go, all her clothing is put into the little drawers, bottles and pacifiers are sanitized and in place, diapers stacked, wipes in their containers, it's all organized and ready to go!!! Can you tell? I've been nesting!
I even finally got my dear sweet husband to get all the extra containers of stuff she wont need until she is six months into their little storage areas! So mother nature! I am ready, the baby is to term, I'm sick of what everyone laughingly calls the waiting game.... LET ME GO INTO LABOR PLEASE?!?!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Call Me Grumpy Glenda

I am now 37 weeks pregnant and discovering that I really just want this pregnancy done with. I am so uncomfortable and my energy has gone to crap... so much left to do but NO energy to do it with. So to comfort myself at my sudden loss of spunk I have taken up television, XBox 360, and food... poor miserable me, right? Exactly...
I was just watching America's Got Talent and was amazed by some of the acts (in a good way!) and then there were a few where I was thinking... OMGosh, how can any person think that that's a good thing to do in public? In front of people?
I have to say I was touched by the single mom who put her dream of singing on hold for so long, and then the young father who (let's be real honest) is a dream to watch and listen to. His voice had me wanting to jump my hubby, and (I'll be real blunt here) replay that voice in my head the whole time! The bus-stop weirdo had me cringing and literally wincing in pain having to watch and listen but I just couldn't look away! I loved how Sharon called him a "strange little man" and a shrunken version of Marc Anthony... just about killed my preggo bladder!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Okay, so this post is only somewhat pregnancy related, but DEFINITELY related!
My husband and I went to a movie together the other night (Wall-E, very cute movie!) and I am just so disgusted with the way people treat each other nowadays!
At the end of the movie, as we were getting up to leave, the woman (complete stranger, who through the whole movie kept jamming her elbow into my side) sitting next to me decided that she wanted to get out ahead of us, and decided to push me back into a seat to make her way out. Now if she had politely asked and given me a chance to get out of her way I would have done it! I would have been a little annoyed, but HEY if she is in that much more of a hurry than I am whatever. When she pushed I didn't exactly just fall into another seat, they are the fold up kind so instead I just kind of got shoved really hard into an armrest while she continued to barrel her way on through. I am almost EIGHT, count 'em, EIGHT months pregnant! It's not like she could have missed the enormous belly! What on earth has changed so much that people think it's okay to shove any person, let alone a heavily pregnant woman??? I'm sorry but where I was raised, and the way I was raised I never would have even thought to do something like that because every person within shouting distance would have been down my throat, not to mention it endangers an unborn CHILD! I was so shocked by what happened it took a moment to register what had happened, and then once she had passed my husband and our friends that had sat with us I just kind of said really loudly "Because it's not like I'm heavily pregnant or anything!?!" She just glanced back, shrugged and kept going. What the heck is wrong with people today??