Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Okay, so this post is only somewhat pregnancy related, but DEFINITELY related!
My husband and I went to a movie together the other night (Wall-E, very cute movie!) and I am just so disgusted with the way people treat each other nowadays!
At the end of the movie, as we were getting up to leave, the woman (complete stranger, who through the whole movie kept jamming her elbow into my side) sitting next to me decided that she wanted to get out ahead of us, and decided to push me back into a seat to make her way out. Now if she had politely asked and given me a chance to get out of her way I would have done it! I would have been a little annoyed, but HEY if she is in that much more of a hurry than I am whatever. When she pushed I didn't exactly just fall into another seat, they are the fold up kind so instead I just kind of got shoved really hard into an armrest while she continued to barrel her way on through. I am almost EIGHT, count 'em, EIGHT months pregnant! It's not like she could have missed the enormous belly! What on earth has changed so much that people think it's okay to shove any person, let alone a heavily pregnant woman??? I'm sorry but where I was raised, and the way I was raised I never would have even thought to do something like that because every person within shouting distance would have been down my throat, not to mention it endangers an unborn CHILD! I was so shocked by what happened it took a moment to register what had happened, and then once she had passed my husband and our friends that had sat with us I just kind of said really loudly "Because it's not like I'm heavily pregnant or anything!?!" She just glanced back, shrugged and kept going. What the heck is wrong with people today??

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