Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Call Me Grumpy Glenda

I am now 37 weeks pregnant and discovering that I really just want this pregnancy done with. I am so uncomfortable and my energy has gone to crap... so much left to do but NO energy to do it with. So to comfort myself at my sudden loss of spunk I have taken up television, XBox 360, and food... poor miserable me, right? Exactly...
I was just watching America's Got Talent and was amazed by some of the acts (in a good way!) and then there were a few where I was thinking... OMGosh, how can any person think that that's a good thing to do in public? In front of people?
I have to say I was touched by the single mom who put her dream of singing on hold for so long, and then the young father who (let's be real honest) is a dream to watch and listen to. His voice had me wanting to jump my hubby, and (I'll be real blunt here) replay that voice in my head the whole time! The bus-stop weirdo had me cringing and literally wincing in pain having to watch and listen but I just couldn't look away! I loved how Sharon called him a "strange little man" and a shrunken version of Marc Anthony... just about killed my preggo bladder!

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